"My world is full of blood and violence."The man said.
He has a hook and a horrible scar.

 "Me too."said by the youth,who with a straw hat.

"But you seem unharmful. " The man said doubtfully.

"Because neither do you." The youth answered with laughter.




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  • Kiba
  • 深入我心的治療系隨筆。我可以想像的到Luffy勾著一抹陽光笑容地對著老沙那樣說。老沙聽完後一定是愣到了或者抽風了, 這也許是你停在這裡的原因.

    PS。 把:最後一句改成: The youth answered with laughter. 或者 The youth answered while laughing.
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